How to Solve Port 80 Problems When Running Apache on Windows

Run an administrator command prompt (e.g. Start, search for cmd, right click on it, choose "Run as administrator", approve the UAC prompt if any.
Type net stop HTTP
If there are other running services that depend on the HTTP service, you'll get a list; double check to see if there's anything listed there you can't bear to do without. Or, if you're just stopping HTTP to use port 80 temporarily, make a note of those dependent services that you'll want to restart once you're done with the port. Either way, if it's okay, enter y to continue.
Some dependent services might throw up stop control warnings that cancel the operation; just repeat net stop HTTP until it is stopped (i.e. until it says The HTTP service was stopped successfully.)
Later on, you can restart any of the dependent services, using net start or by using the Services item in Administrative Tools, and the HTTP service will be started again automatically.

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