set each textbox value with jquery

potongan jquery sintax :
 $( document ).on( 'click', '#copyall', function( e ) {    
   var allotment = $('#AllotmentToAll').val();    
   $('#allotment').each( function() {  
potongan sintax php pada framework yii :
 echo CHtml::textField('AllotmentToAll','','',array('id'=>'AllotmentToAll'));  
         echo CHtml::button('Copy To All', array('id'=>"copyall"));  
         $totDay = date('t', strtotime('2013-01'));  
         echo "<br />";  
         echo "<table border=1>";  
         echo '<tr>';  
         for($i=1; $i<=$totDay; $i++){  
           echo '<td>';  
           echo "2013-01-$i <br />";  
           echo CHtml::textField('allotment[]', '', array('id'=>"allotment", 'class'=>"allotment", 'size'=>'10px'));  
           echo "</td>";    
           if($i % 4 ==0){  
             echo "</tr>";  
           echo "";  
         echo '</table>';  


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